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BzP is derived from a FinCEN-registered financial institution. FinCEN is a bureau of the US department if the Treasury with oversight by the IRS. BzP verifies all non-government members, consumers and businesses before approving them on the network. BzP fully abides by the Anti-Money laundering (AML) rules set forth by the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) as well as the US. Patriot Act.

Finally, a FinTech product you can count on. BzP provides financial services to its members, consumers, businesses, and government agencies. It provides a way to pay other members and entities outside of the network, a complete business oriented operating system, and allows a cashless solution to paying for government services.

Enjoy the freedoms our platform offers. This means unbanked and underbanked businesses and consumers now have reliable financial services. Freedom to establish credit, open accounts, apply for loans, build and expand your business, and finally hire employees.

BzP App Overview

BzP is a mobile and internet-based application designed for consumers, business, and government memberships.
  • BzP pre-approves non-government members, consumers, and businesses to be account holders in our network.
  • Network members exchange their money (cash, credit cards and debit cards) to a 100% collateralized account for BzP Credit, backed by U.S. dollars in U.S. banks.
  • BzP Credit is used by consumer members to pay for services and products.
  • BzP is a compliant, innovative FinTech solution, offered through financial institution registration with the US Department of Treasury.
  • When paying outside the network, all members redeem BzP Credit or make payments through a variety of electronic payment options.

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