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Signing up to be a member of BzP allows members to work with anybody in the BSP Network. Or if doing a one-time order, you can sign in as a guest. Once signed in, guests and members will be able to purchase BSP credit. Members are able to use the credit within the BSP network. Credit can be used to acquire any goods or services from anyone else inside the BSP network. The BSP credit is a 1 to 1 exchange i.e. 1 credit = $1.

When merchants receive the credit, they can then take that credit and have it deposited into their bank account via wire, ach, or Echeck. Wire 24 hours. Ach 3-5 days. Echeck 3-5 days. Each merchant has their own BSP credit account where their credit is stored. Merchants can use that credit to pay other vendors inside the network or, at any time, can convert the credit to cash via any of the listed payment methods.

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