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Total Tracking


  • Highly auditable, Internet-based and real-time.
  • Integrated business functions in one system (e.g., Accounting, Inventory Control, Payroll, POS, CPA-ready reports and more).
  • Permission-based across your entire staff, with more than 100 permissions to choose from.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tracks all client activity, sets follow-up reminders and even manages credit terms.
  • Complete Accounting and Reporting.
  • Financials: income statement (profit and loss), balance sheet and any other financial report your CPA will need.
  • CPAs can also retrieve those reports remotely. No more traveling across town with a shoebox full of invoices and receipts.
  • Real-time, On-time numbers — all in a single system — eliminate the need to manually move accounting data to an entirely separate system.
  • Multiple sales tax report options per location, inventory type or for specific items.
  • Inventory control and tracking.
  • Customized invoicing.
  • Set up and manage recurring billing and invoices.
  • Unlimited invoices, payments, statements, deposits, expenses, remote check writing, digital time cards and much more.
  • Transition Invoicing enables you to invoice work in progress.
  • Email/lirint quotes, convert the quote to an invoice or quote while in the office, on the road or onsite with your customer (just log in, create, save and print)
  • Upload documents and photos, or scan in all your documentation to be viewed at anytime for a “paperless” office.
  • Accept payments over the phone, onsite, while on the road or at your business — all fully integrated into the system, with built-in options for e-commerce.
  • Payroll: Hourly, commission, salary or any combination, the system can track and reward staff with incentive pay programs.

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